More is Too Much

Blocking coal mines is not your style? Contributing to climate protection takes many forms, and one of them is spreading awareness about the issues that are accelerating climate change. That’s what we – a group of students from the Czech Republic – set out to do by organizing a public event called More is Too Much in the run-up to Christmas. We focused on anti-consumerism, veganism, sustainable households and fast fashion.

Thanks to NESEHNUTÍ’s volunteer program, I – Natálie – connected with Anna and Petra. We are all students or graduates of environmental studies. During this study, you will learn a lot of alarming information that will not leave you cold.

So we wanted to do something according to the motto ‘system change, not climate change!’ We reached out to other fellow students through the university platform with our plan to organize an event. Stázka, Anne, Jakub, Simona and Ondra joined us.

Our event aimed to show people that it is possible to live more frugally and waste less, even in the context of Christmas. We prepared workshops on vegan cooking and sustainable household cleaning. We interviewed the influencer Natália Pažická, who works on fast fashion issues. And we ended the evening with a screening of the Danish documentary film Journey to Utopia, about one Scandinavian family’s efforts to live a climate-neutral life.

After the event, we reflected on the whole preparation and implementation. Even though not everything happened as we imagined, we stayed motivated to do another event together. And we also became convinced that you can build a great team and achieve your goals with people you didn’t know before.